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Артем Киреев
Ищу hi-end ретушера для постоянной, дистанционной совместной работы.
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Фотограф Артем Киреев

ID: 97013
Страна: Беларусь
Город: Минск
Опыт работы: Большой опыт
Телефон: +375291846466
Адрес: Минск
Сайт: www.kireevart.by

Рейтинг: 2394

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Life style
– Бизнес
– Спорт
– Репортаж
– Трэш
– Art-nude
– Эротика
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KireevArt (Artsiom Kireev) is acknowledged as one of the most professional and successful Belarusian photographers in fashion industry. In 2011, he was awarded with the title of “Most stylish photographer of Belarus” by “Night of Style”.

A 25-year-old Artsiom was born in Minsk . He achieved an M.A. degree in Visual and Cultural Studies. This background gave him perfect understanding of approaches to the art of fashion photography and diverse ways of their execution.




Artsiom Kireev proved himself to be a gifted specialist by declaring the personal approach as the main priority in his career.
Artsiom belongs to the rare to meet type of photographers who always reach a feeling of sophistication and intelligence in their works.
Professional model in his past, Kireev has a vast knowledge of exposing a model’s personality in the most natural manner. All the models that have had a chance to work with Artsiom always give credit to his talent of creating an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding during the session.

 All the KireevArt’s works combine versatile types and styles in photography. The author’s personal approach is concentrated on revelation of fairy tale fine arts images by showing ordinary people in imperceptible locations.

The photographer practices both studio and outdoor sessions with the use of pulse light. Artsiom is the founder and head of “Innervision Art Group”, famous for its sensational art projects. The group’s most successful endeavor called “The Circus” resonated hugely proving a real contemporary art to dominate over commercial photography.

KireevArt took part in a number of international expos and photography competitions. His works were featured in numerous magazines and advertisements around the globe and were placed on the cover multiple times.

Some of his commercial works were stated “photo of the week” and held leading positions during a month in the international chart of more than 70 thousand commercial photographers. Artsiom also manages to successfully hold the Art-Director position in the Minsk photo studio called White (Belarus — Minsk Komunisticheskaja, 4)."


Artsiom is distinguished by his skills of making commercial projects of any level of complexity in short terms, while maintaining the high-quality level. Talent and die-hard dedication makes him one of the most professional specialists in his area on the territory of Ex-Soviet Union.

Kireev has a huge experience as a model and image-maker, boosted by experience of working on TV. He used to work with the Lithuania-Norwegian event project Reconnoitre and opened 4 studios by himself. Now Artsiom works as a freelancer and just came back from abroad where he was exploring Lithuania while spending one year in Vilnius. Single.


Personal tastes: Photo, Fashion, Lyrics, Jazz till 70хх, Bali, Sexuality, Charm, BMW cabriolets, Jacques-Marie-Émile Lacan with Pierre Bourdieu, Ella Fitzgerald with Frédéric Beigbeder, David LaChapelle and Mario Testino, Vogue and Salvador Dalí. Destinations I’m devoted to.
Bright individuals, talented masters dedicated to the crafts, pure creativity and cultivating princesses. Sarcastically cheerful. Workaholic. Trust in symbolism and power of open mind. I believe that those who deserve it, will always be fine. Аappreciate my own time, it is enamored of photo, beauty of nature and people.






» Рассуждения о природе современной Fashion фотографии. (Часть I.)

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